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We change people’s lives by helping them understand why they were arrested and by giving them the tools and encouragement to address the real problems in their lives.

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Director of First Impressions

Do you feel every greeting is an opportunity, and that a smile is worth a thousand words? If you are positive and upbeat and able to find the good in just about everything (and everyone), then you might be the perfect fit to help support our clients, potential clients, and the rest of our team.

Firm Liaison

Are you truly skilled at making human connections? Do others turn to you for help in making hard life decisions? If your answers to these questions are ‘yes,’ and you’re somebody who thrives in an energetic environment, ready to use your skills to help more people, this position may be for you!

Legal Assistant

Do you enjoy being in a support role, following someone’s lead? Are you well organized with the ability to problem solve and take initiative when necessary? If you understand the importance of processes, have a positive mental attitude, and stay cool under pressure, you could do great in this role!

Associate Attorney

Do you have a presence? Are you level-headed and professional with Oregon criminal law experience? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, and you’re excited to integrate your creative problem-solving skills with the firms’ goals to help the good people we represent, then you might be the right attorney to join our team.

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Meaningful Work

At Reynolds Defense Firm, we do fantastic legal work, but that often isn’t enough. We also take the time to help our clients through the human side of being arrested, because it is our standard. We understand that being arrested for a DUI can be hard to go through. Honing in on the human side of the law means we do our best to help clients beyond the courtroom.

Inspiring Culture

Having a strong sense of community within our workplace is essential. That is why nurturing our RDF culture is just as important to us as the work that we do. Our shared values are essential to our success as a business. And the fact that we’ve cultivated such a driven and positive workplace community is no accident – it’s purely by design.

Far-reaching Impact

Reynolds Defense Firm understands that there’s a gap between an attorney’s focus on all legal matters and the essential human element. Which is why we created a scientifically validated, coach-assisted program specifically designed to help those arrested for DUI thrive through the legal process by redirecting their stress and fear into finding life purpose and increased enjoyment.

Hear it from the Team

You Can Feel the Value

“You can feel the value in the work that we do, every day. I love the possibility of turning legal challenges into opportunities for our clients.” 

- Ken S. Attorney
- Ken S.

Take Pride in Your Accomplishments

“It’s great to be recognized for skills you have outside of the job you were hired for, and to be given the opportunity to build on those skills, learn more, and move into a position that gives me a chance to improve the lives of the team.” 

- Susan M. Chief Financial Officer
- Susan M.

Our work makes a difference

“I love the Reynolds Defense Firm positivity, values, and dedication to helping people and recognizing the good in them. I love that RDF understands that people have a willingness to change and seeks to help them do that.” 

- Anthony L. Attorney
- Anthony L.

Incredibly Supportive Team

Having worked for other law firms in the past, I was pleasantly surprised that everything I saw and read about the firm on the website and other social media platforms, before I started, are actually true! There is a community within that truly cares about each other, our clients, and is very interested in getting things done timely and the right way.” 

- Sasha C. Legal Assistant
- Sasha C.

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